Fifa 14 Gameplay Review

fifa 14

A generational change always arouses some emotion, but in the case of the football genre that tends to be accompanied by a year’s rest, and then to deal with ideas for the next. ‘FIFA 14’ is a victim of its success, a continuous stage that has been limited to filing the aspects not ending fit.

It worked before and continues now, aware of the Sabbath year having with lack of competition in the new generation, ‘FIFA 14’ enough for you with a more and better to be there. If it is enough to skip delivery is still a matter of taste, I think that the farewell to an era of bonanza deserved to be more generous.

Type maintains the attitude of EA Sports, which prefer to gamble and change the rules to move on grass with more difficulty with something already controlled. The players weigh and the Defense tightens, so the game is relegated to the center of the field, with slow strategies and long-term.

It is still a simplistic input and barrier-free system, but master it perfectly, know at any time what you should do, and do it, is another story. Thanks you for the opportunity to bargain with the right stick without need to press triggers, which stepped on the ball keep running swimmingly and the inclusion of protection with the body becomes the next unresolved issue for the players in the coming months.

It is hard to take him trick but frankly it works well to create a bit of space to make the move. That angle which sometimes was missing here is more likely, but the importance of the strength of the player does not provide us too use. You have to know how to use it.

This slowness of moves you lose them the fear with the first start, when you stop you and your teammates run. They do block and facilitate holes, but best of all is that within seconds of receiving the pass speed exist in this saga, the camera rotates quickly and the player starts to gallop as if it there is a tomorrow. Make it harder to baste the move gets to rejoice the day to complete it, but that after a slow play you can stand alone against the goalkeeper makes grow several centimeters that smile.

The importance of credible animations
‘FIFA 14’ don’t forget to make it beautiful. New animations masked pretty well these robotic attitudes that players, are still without a doubt one of the unfinished business of face to the future, but in their favor playing some situations that border on the epic.

Skids on the lawn, controls to leg extension that you thought not possible, the variety of movements, even within each example, bring unexpected situations to headings. Changes in the physics of the ball just shine with their own light, avoiding a system allowing us to read the shots before releasing the button and going more crazy with effects to head towards goal, parables Fusion at great speed and cannon that, finally, do not seem to be moved by strings from the heights of the stadium. Let’s just say that being a very similar to the previous game, get seem more natural.

When it goes well, that Yes. And it will not be easy. It is to deal with such losses of ball in a sea of uncontrolled legs, and hilarious moments in which your player decides to take a minute to rest. Regardless of its role in the party, he is happy on the ground complaining about the latest move.

Effect of the pursuit of realism and its priority must be to move the ball, otherwise transform laughs on threats facing the TV. They are aspects that are reluctant to improve and do not allow that we can say loudly what’s “now is perfect”. There is always a but, a margin of doubt that invites you to think twice if you spend 14 or you stay in the 13. You can continue selling, but in the end these things happen Bill.

‘FIFA 14’: the future that guides to the saga
During the ideas that work and FIFA Ultimate Team, the company should consider to jump into other alternatives. In an annual update to reduced price I still find a good idea, but clear, little can be expected there with the answer there in stores every year, even when the competition does not help that you try to squeeze the maximum work.

What is clear is that focus is online, adding cooperative seasons and betting strong on his collection of stickers, which begins to beg for a spin off with the final entry of the legendary players, so we will have to stay tuned to what the future holds for the franchise in that sense.

The rest, as you have seen, are simple improvements that despite renewed the experience not just rid of the slab that supposed to be an annual game. The graphics begin to draw attention and the danger of stall a game system that has worked for years. In EA may not have the competition stuck to the back, but are still slaves of their own success.

Menu change can draw attention to the start of the game, but the essence remains the same with a more visual and fast proposal accompanied by less slow loads and just as annoying. These are details that deserve a review and are still there, waiting to eat on a freshly scrubbed floor pipes. At this point may be somewhat minimal, but manages to whip up that doubt once more.  Here’s one cool picture I found on imgur.


I acknowledge that it should not be anything easy to face the challenge, if something already well can be very difficult to decide to change it, finally and after all, you always have to finish saving something for next year, and so I just think that there are alternatives to the annual edition of 60 euros. Would you like to sell and tie users or put the game on sale every year? And if you are considering it there is nothing that prevents the coexistence of both options.

Is ‘FIFA 14’ a great game? Without a doubt. Also was ‘FIFA 13’ the same? Of course. This year version error is to have seen the open sky crowning a generation without disheveled, and laying the foundations for the future of the franchise. A moment he so deserved a more rounded game, one that would reflect the feeling have all opted for everything to satisfy its public. But I am pretty sure an update will quickly come up to correct the errors.

‘FIFA 14’ total changes in the game, a philosophy with mechanics that fans of the rondo and undeniably a new sack of animations that a little closer that dream to believe to be watching a real game, but waiting to get to know the role the new generation in this year’s Edition consoles, PC, iOS, PS3 and Xbox 360 deserved an exemplary closing. It is a pity that what carried souvenir is a pat on the back.

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